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The Mexican UFO Crash

By: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 13 Dec 2014 | comments*Discuss
Mexican Ufo Crash Mexico's Roswell

On August 25 1974 American military radar operators tracked an object moving at extraordinary speed through the atmosphere towards North America. Thinking at first that it must be a meteorite, they were forced to reconsider when they saw it abruptly change direction. It was on course to enter US airspace over Texas when, suddenly, it disappeared from the scope. The operators noted that it had disappeared over Chihuahua, Mexico, near the village of Coyame, just south of the American border.

Not long afterwards, a message was broadcast over Mexican radio, announcing that an aircraft, a light plane, had gone missing. Searches were being conducted over the Chihuahua region. Later, it was announced that the wreckage of not one but two aircraft had been discovered. One of the aircraft was described as circular. There was no further discussion of the subject over Mexican radio after, it is believed, the Mexican military intervened. But word had already got out, back to the United States, where someone put two and two together. It looked as if the mystery radar trace had been a flying saucer, and that it had crashed into a conventional aircraft, causing both to tumble from the sky.

The American authorities contacted their Mexican counterparts and offered their assistance. The Mexicans politely declined it and despatched their own recovery team to the spot. But the Americans didn’t take no for an answer. They continued preparing their own recovery team, complete with helicopters and special forces soldiers, and had it ready within a short space of time – almost as if UFO recovery were a well-rehearsed operation with pre-defined team members.

You Stole my UFO!

As the Mexican recovery team went into action, the Americans continued to monitor the situation on the ground with their satellite surveillance technology. The account heard most often is that the Americans, through their satellite and aerial imaging capabilities, saw that the Mexican team was in distress and non-functional. Their vehicles were not moving and there appeared to be dead or unconscious human bodies lying about.

When the Americans arrived on the spot, they are said to have found the Mexicans already dead. It has been speculated that, without the benefit of bio-chemical protection suits, they contracted an alien virus. The Americans gathered together the bodies of the dead Mexicans and the remaining bits of debris from the crash sites and destroyed all of it with explosives, before taking off in their helicopters and heading back to the United States.

Certainly, this is the version of the story most often told. But does it really wash? Does it not seem strange that the Americans continued preparing for a UFO recovery operation in Mexican soil even after Mexican authorities were already attending to it? Some speculate on a more sinister sequence of events : that the Americans arrived on the scene, killed the Mexicans and stole their UFO. A recovered alien spacecraft is a potential treasure trove of knowledge and insight. It’s not hard to see how Uncle Sam might consider the diplomatic complications of such a violent initiative to be a price worth paying. It certainly seems curious that the Americans should have disposed of the Mexican bodies. Perhaps it was to guard against the danger of someone else contracting the alien virus, but it would also have served as a convenient cloak for skulduggery if the Mexicans had been murdered.

What happened to the material recovered from the crash site is not known, though some have claimed it was taken to Wright-Patterson air force base.

Mexican UFO Crash - Conclusion

The story of Mexico’s Roswell is certainly intriguing. Unfortunately, most of the major elements of the story lack strong corroboration, so until further research has been done, and perhaps new sources emerge, it must be taken with a pinch of salt.

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It's about time people knew the truth of this event.As a person who has suffered severly at the hands of the government, I will reveal the truth.It was not a flying saucer.It was not an ET.It was a broken arrow.It was a live nuclear missle.The details of its launch are lost to me; but there is hints that a ranger group may have murdered the Mexican soldiers in order to cover up the fact of this nuke may have killed millions in South Texas.It's time for American soldiers that are true patriots to start revealing the truth about these matters.
polo - 13-Dec-14 @ 6:12 PM
Listen to disclosure project witnesses. Then you will know that aliens are visiting Earth in their ships.There are 3 different phenomena_-----------1UFOS these are things though flying are not known.They include a wide variety of things. 2 Flying saucers-- These are extraterrestrial vehicles. 3Disk shaped/Triangle/ Diamond shaped air/spacecraft------These are vehicles made by such companies as BAE,Northrup,Lockheed skunk works based on alien vehicles. I live in Africa.There are alien encounters happening here which never get reported. Humanity should open their eyes and see.The Truth is out there!
Extrano - 24-Aug-14 @ 8:23 PM
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