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The Truth About Alien Implants In Human Bodies

By: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 13 Dec 2023 | comments*Discuss
Aliens Alien Abduction Alien Implants

For years the general public has been tantalised by stories of UFO sightings and even, in a few cases, actual alien encounters. Proof of the claims, however, has been disappointingly elusive. More often than not, it simply comes down to taking a person’s word for it. In a few instances, photographs have been taken, but, inevitably, questions always arise about their authenticity. Hard physical evidence has been almost the Holy Grail of UFO research. But some now believe they have it.

Reports from people who claim alien abductions first became widespread in the 60s and 70s. Often, the supposed abductees would describe experimental procedures that the aliens had allegedly performed on them. Sometimes, they would even insist that the aliens had inserted something inside them. Soon, these “alien implants” had become a staple of UFO lore.

Alien Implants And Roger Leir’s Journey of Discovery

Roger Leir was a successful Californian podiatrist (foot doctor) when he first heard stories going around about people who claimed to have alien implants inside them. Although he had believed in UFOs since he was a child, many of the newer developments in UFO lore, such as reports of alien abduction, struck him as fanciful. He didn’t believe for a second that any of the alien implant stories were true and he decided to disprove them. When he heard of a patient complaining that she had an alien device implanted in her body, Leir offered to do the surgery required to remove it for free. To his amazement he discovered that she really did have a mysterious object inside of her after all. For him, it was the beginning of a journey of discovery.

Since then Roger Leir has become the go-to guy for alien implant removal. He is inundated with inquiries from people who believe they have something strange inside of them. Leir and a small panel of scientific colleagues evaluate the reports they receive but, because of limited funds, can follow up on only a few. Nevertheless, over the years, Leir has performed over a dozen surgical operations designed to remove anomalous objects from inside people’s bodies. Some of these operations have even been performed on camera and the footage has been shown in television documentaries.

What Analysis of Alien Implants Has Discovered

Experience has shown that, usually, the objects that are supposedly alien implants are metallic. Some emit radio frequency waves. Many are attached to nerve endings within the body, causing patients to cry out in pain when they are removed, even after they have been anaesthetised. Leir has found that sometimes there is a scar in the external part of the body where the implant is located, but often there is not. While inside the body, the implants are often wrapped in a protective membrane.

Of course, several of the "alien implant" objects which have been removed have been sent to laboratories for analysis. Alas, none has been so definitively “alien” that it represents irrefutable proof of extra-terrestrial contact. Perhaps the alien technology is simply beyond our understanding, just as one of our own electronic devices would be if we handed it to a tribe in the stone age. Some also suspect that the implants cease functioning once they are removed from the body.

Origins and Purpose of the Alien Implants

Leir performs surgery only on patients who have not previously undergone hypnosis, because he knows that UFO sceptics will claim that the hypnotic experience induced them to imagine all kinds of fantastic things. Many patients do undergo hypnosis afterwards, though. In these hypnotic regression sessions, reports of the patient sighting UFOs, or even being the victims of alien abductions and carried away in them, are very common.

If the "alien implants" really do represent alien technology then, what is their purpose? The most sinister suggestion is that they are some kind of mind control device. Since the victims eventually sought help for their condition, if that were so, they would seem, at the very least, to have been of limited effectiveness. Perhaps they are just monitoring devices which send back reports to UFOs and the aliens on the victim’s location and condition? Stories of repeat alien abductions, even lifelong abductions, are very common. This suggests that the aliens are interested in monitoring specific individuals. We have no way of knowing what makes them choose one person rather than another for their invasive procedures.

Alien Implants - Conclusion

The idea of aliens implanting devices inside our bodies is deeply frightening. We can only hope that, if these alien implants really are of extra-terrestrial origin, they can one day offer clues about who or what their creators are, and what their intentions might be.

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And It Exactly the same materials that are now insider C-19 shots. Quinta Columna explain This with video proof under microscope.
Henry - 13-Dec-23 @ 11:01 PM
I was abducted by zetas, Alpha draconis, and the mantis when I was 3 years old.The following year,when I was 4, I was on the swing at the playground at a large creepy looking church with massive doors and steps.One moment,im sitting on the swing, the very next moment,I'm standing in front of the large doors,screaming my head off,and bleeding profusely from my forehead.My white dress is turning red from the blood pouring out of my head.I have a memory of falling off the monkey bars.I have a memory of attempting to flip from the monkey bars, exactly how my older cousin had flipped off of them a few months prior.BUT I was never in the monkey bars.I went from the swing to the church doors,bleeding.These beings were able to look through my memories and see me seeing my cousin in monkey bars.So they took that memory and changed it to ME being on the monkey bars,and me falling on a rock.But again,I was never on the monkey bars and I never pulled a rock or of my head.I stayed mediating with trees in 2020 and over time,my memory became sharper and I began remembering the things that happened.It's crazy that I never analyzed all the weird stuff until I raised my frequency with the meditations.Then after realizing these beings have been messing w me my entire life,I demanded all my memories be returned.Which led to me being taken from my dreamstate to a sterile room where the mantis and zetas had my unborn fetuses in chambers. 9 unborn and 1 born,I was holding it.I looked at it and freaked the fk out and woke up.They are making hybrids.I suspect they intend to replace the human race w said hybrids. I'm able to recognize zeta lies, in an unimaginable level.I hear ppl speak on certain topics,and I just KNOW "this information is perpetuated and influenced by the zetas" the zetas are MASTER liars.Half of everything we see when we look out upon the world,is zeta lies. You can not begin to fathom how much control they have.I can't even.Anyways,I wish someone would help me. I wish someone would say "let's find out what they did to your body.Let's find out what type of implant is placed." Some times,after especially other worldly events occur in my life,I debate calling the three letter agency.I want answers.I want help. But intuitively I know not to call them.Maybe I will one day. Maybe one day I'll finally feel capable of protecting myself and I'll call them and demand they give me my file.But I'm not there yet. I think I'm pretty lucky to be alive. I've had 6 ndes. Messing,I've died 6 times in this one lifetime.I have no clue what they did, but my greatest fear is that THEY are the reason I can't die.Somebody please teach it to me. I'm putting it out to the universe that this post is going to lead me to being in contact with somebody that can and will help me. Thanks for reading.
El - 9-May-23 @ 12:25 PM
I was wondering if its possible to have add an implant to be protected for a reason. Not sure about what, but to be protected from bad healt or something else. Thanks Serrein
Serrein - 4-Feb-23 @ 6:40 PM
Hi, recently, I’ve received an implant in my inner ankle area, right below my ankle bone. It is curious to me why this location. Has anyone received an implant in that spot before?Previously, I’ve had an implant in my cheek. It was finally removed after about a year of being in my cheek. If anyone has any experience with an implant in their ankle area, please let me know. Thank you.
A targeted individua - 11-Jul-21 @ 8:22 PM
Hi, how do I contact Dr Roger Leir or his assistant Dr Steven Colbern for their urgent help of illegal implants consisting of alien of nature in my chest, micro and nano-chips all down my left side? I also need to know the fees they charge for the most unfortunate victims like myself and what do I receive for what I pay for please, even though this is an emergency?
Gatlin Gob - 18-Feb-20 @ 6:04 AM
Hello my name is Mike.Here the past week or so I've been having a reoccurring dream of when I was 10 or so,I am now55,when we were on a camping trip in death valley California.An actual trip we took.On one of the nights we were sleeping and all of a sudden I/we were woken up by the trailer violently rocking.i remember at that time asking my father what was happening and he said it's just the wind and I went back to sleep,so I thought,but in my dream I remember seeing bright lights coming through the windows of the camper and asked my dad what are the lights,what's happening.then in my dream I was then looking at the back of the camper from off the ground with those bright lights lighting up just the area around the camper,then I wake up...untill now the event on that actual trip had been forgotten untill now.i think I was abducted...I asked my family about that night and they don't even remember the camper rocking from the wind. Since these dreams have been occuring I remember an exray of my head when I had an eye injury.The doctor showed me the X-ray explaining that you could see the tiny piece of metal in my eye and that they had to do surgery to remove it.then after that conversation the doctor asked me if I had been in some kind of accident in the past.I said no,why?she showed me on the exray another quite larger piece of metal shaped like a triangle behindmy right ear.untill now that also was forgotten but now to me makes sense.Not sure exactly how to handle all this.that is how I ended up on this sight,doing research
Mike - 18-Jan-20 @ 5:50 PM
Hey there.. i have one experience before 20-23 years ago. I see 2 aliens one my bed and they put somethink inside in my left leg. I saw that I was being operated on. In this place never i dont have hair. I want to have more information about this. Thanks a lot.
aris1984 - 12-Dec-19 @ 10:19 AM
Second event.I was choking, being moved by several individuals dressed in white surgical gowns and full masks ( faces were elongated under mask_similar to wearing a ff respirator under a large white cloth mask). They were rushing as though I was in danger. Felt like they were trying to save me. They intubated me.That's all I remember.It was very traumatic. When I awoke I felt very calm as though I had lots of sleep and wanted to continue cuddlingwith the blanket. My throat hurt but not much. This is the second such event . By the my- entire family witnessed aufo when I was around 10 years old. My mother also has an additional encounter when she was inhigh school.Wonder if this was just a nightmare or something else..
Geo - 4-Dec-19 @ 7:14 PM
Hy. That about 17 years ago i was on a boat of a friend in Napoli italie. It was the morning i had to leave. I wakup and i saw something strange on my left shoolder. It was a round desing like a lazer cut in tje form of a boat weel It was deep burn but not hearting at all. I did look in the bed. Nothing could do that. So when my friend wake up with his wife i show him my discovery. This guy was an obstetric docteur making insemination. He said oh my god look at me. Then he turn his back and pull up the shirt. He got the same desing in his back but 5 times bigger than me one month ago and it was not red like me because it was curing. We never know what it was. Now about ten years ago something was under my skin on my hupper right leg. Touching it it look like something hard there. I think it could be an implant.i want to make a radiografia to look at what it is. From that time i realise that i am very telepatique. See sings that no body see or realise .i am telepatique with the tv saying or thinking the same words in the same time. Depend on the days. Sometime that hapen many times in one day and some time nothing at all. Is there some body that can help me to understand all of that.
Hervouet - 7-Jul-19 @ 12:41 PM
I was brought up in a household where my had for sure seen a UFO when she was young. We were lead to believe that they were outside our house on odd occasions. One day, when I was around 10 I was walking across a field, a ploughed field with my bike. The ground was so ploughed and hard I couldn't ride it. I just remember fainting and waking up with a throbbing thumb. This thumb has always been shirt and fat compared to the other. I am now 49 and my fat thumb is very sore, as if I have something in it. Maybe I'm just going mad?!
Bec - 20-Mar-19 @ 11:00 PM
It is a strange one to consider. I would like to believe, but I’m not sure? More recently I have been having a few odd night time encounters. I have found strange materials in my bed and under my bed and I have also found some sort of tape stuck to various places on my body after dreaming of being paralyzed and a group of people standing behind me. And I think they may have inserted something, somewhere you wouldn’t want it! More recently another dream about a strange house and two really odd looking guys with no hair and shirtless, they looked like twins and I couldn’t place their nationality as they had really weird eyes. One sat on my chest, and the other held my legs. I remember begging for them not to kill me, but when they spoke I realised I had never heard a language like that before and communication was pointless. That was it. I have no memory of what happened next. Not particularly scared because I would love to make contact if it was possible. I don’t think about it often, but my housemate is convinced that something is in the house on occasion, and I have seen unmistakeable shadows passing by outside my door and there have been lots of odd noises. Interestingly both of my dogs have gone suddenly and permanently deaf? And I can’t stop thinking ‘how convenient that they can’t be heard’ Oh well, that’s my bit!
jeeves - 3-Jan-19 @ 4:20 AM
Interesting site. I have had quite a few odd experiences over the years. I have lost significant amounts of time on several occasions particularly when driving at night in remote places. I also had a dream many years ago, I was about 14 (I’m 50 now) where I woke up in a sleeping bag on the ground in a large shed type building like an aircraft hanger. There were loads of other people there too, and they were just beginning to wake up like me. I even spoke to the stranger lying by my side, and it seemed that none of us know why we were there? There was a woman with a trolley with a big hot water urn offering people cups of tea in paper cups. I remember getting up after struggling to find the zip on the blue sleeping g bag I was in, and it was really strange because it went completely quiet and everyone started to go outside into the bright sunlight. It was as if we all knew omejow why we were there and some signal had told us it was time. I remember how bright and sunny it was outside and I was stood on white sand sand. There were other very large hanger type buildings around. I remember how blue and cloudless the sky was and how sunny and warm it was. Someone else shouted and pointed at the sky and everyone looked, I tried to see but at first could not make anything out, then I saw a tiny flash of metallic reflection high up in the blue, and gradually it got clearer and nearer and it was a metallic cigar shaped object vertical in the sky. I remember being scared as it got nearer and I had a feeling of having been through this before, and I covered my eyes with my hands ecaise I know what was goi g to happen and I did not want to see it. I imagined/ or felt, not sure that something emitted from the object and there right in front of me was an alien face rom on board the ship looking straight into my eyes, lime it knows me. It was only a couple of feet away. It was horrible. It almost looked like a half human half cow? Weird, it had urged horns that were metallic but I don’t know if these were ornamental? It was very wrinkled, and reddish skinned with strange eyes that seemed to be metallic and relective. When I looked down I had a small gold spiral thing in my hand like a symbol. It gets weird then because I can’t seem to separate fact from fiction from dream here and a few days later I remember standing at night infield at the back of my house looking at the sky and wanting them to come back. I had lost the metal object somehow?Remember walking back home, my parents were asleep and I had left the door ajar. I don’t know whether I was actually outside or whether I dreamed this too? I’m not sure if this was the same night or days later as it felt like several days? It took about a week for me to get over this feeling of loss, and strange emotions. Really strange, vivid and so memorable, I’ve never had any dream like this again in my entire life. But I’m 50 now and over the last two years some very
Jeeves - 3-Jan-19 @ 4:01 AM
I have been watching them observe me for years but only recently got microchipped. I work in the woods and got a "spider" bite behind my right ear which is common for greys and others as well. I had to fill out paperwork at work because the bruise and scarring was so bad they were concerned for my health and wellness. Clearly it is not an insect bite and even the doctors have no idea what did it. I feel like I'm in the movie dark skies because they had the same implant behind the right ear. I'm a professional scientist and would not make this up. I don't believe these creatures are malicious or else they would have just killed me. They want knowledge of our species and are willing to go this far to get it. If you can't beat them join them because evidently they are one step ahead of us. Please let me know if you have experience an implant behind the right ear. God bless
None - 8-Aug-18 @ 11:50 PM
I have had several experiences over a period of time. I can tell youwhat some of them look like. Triangle head is one. They communicated with me. I have photos.I tried to share some, but decided to keep my own collection for now. People will speculate and think it is Photoshopped when authentic so need to write it all down. I made some audio recordings and someone mentioned earlier in these comments; loud sounds, like horns, city, traffic and hellicopter sounds we're heard on the recording when I was in the country with maybe a distant dog barking.They showed me things.I'm in Southern US. Some photos I took in Indonesia with several types of aliens in the photo. They showed me by taking over my computer and taking me to the photo.I took photos flying over Taiwan taken by a burst within l minute or less ( see time on photo) in the photos are photos of someone's hairline being pulled back and bruises on skin then it went to more pics of Taipei at night.I have an unexplainable injury to my arm/ shoulder right now. The surgeon plans to do a MRI and go in to break up scar tissue he thinks is the problem, but something else is going on. I can't explain how I am injured, but my subconscious tells me it was related to this subject matter, but that is not something you can tell a doctor. I will see what he finds.
CC - 10-May-18 @ 2:53 AM
I was lay in bed last night at about 12o clock I had just gotten to sleep the next thing I woke up to tall being in the corner of my room so I tried to shout my mum and my mouth wouldn’t open so I decided to get up and run but my legs wouldn’t uncross so I decided to embrace it and just looked at it the more I stared the louder the noises got the noises were so loud it felt like my head was gonna explode so I just kept on staring until they got that loud I had to look away the moment I stopped acknowledging him he went and within a second I got up and ran downstairs we’re my mum was and I told her what had happened and she seemed scared I ended up getting in bed and going sleep but my heart wouldn’t stop racing the next day I awoke at 1 o’clock with the biggest pain in my jaw the left side and I can feel like a wire of some sort there about 4 inches long.later on today my mum told me she had a similar encounter when she was young with my older brother and a tall person had pinned her down and put his hand on her face as my brother was only little and in his cot and wrapped up he was positioned in weird way with just the top corner of the blanket on his head like a triangle on his head well this happens last night never had an experience like it but I am gonna learn to embrace it as I think Einstein did of some sort so just been looking this stuff up so thought that I’d share my story. The noises we’re like car alarms radio frequency traffic screaming all overlapping each other getting louder and louder to the point we’re i couldn’t here myself think or attempt to shout anyone if I did shout I probably would though I was deaf. I am 20 year old lad with a good life style nothing out the ordinary with me except this hope use get to read this thanks
Why me - 19-Feb-18 @ 5:40 PM
@ Jonez - it might have been something that happened to you when you were a baby. It's likely to have come from a fall, or even a cut when you were being born. Anyhow, it's more likely to have a rational explanation than a UFO-based one. Beware of listening to flaky implant stories - they are not true.
Guy3 - 15-Sep-17 @ 11:30 AM
I have a curved scar behind my right ear, i have never had surgery or trauma to my head to leave such a scar. Any advice or comments please.
Jonez - 14-Sep-17 @ 12:43 PM
I was "asleep" one night and I was sitting on a Gurnee with a man in a white coat on front of me in a very busy room full of medical staff doing many medical procedures. Mine was a large shot on the left side of my neck. I remember thinking. Explaining to myself that this was either the 3rd or 4th time I had been here and had this done. But only the 1st in my memory. He gave me the shot easily. No problems or pain. Then I got up and went to the dressing room where all the other women were and we were laughing and talking and jovial. It was important that I use the white powder. It seemed like baby powder. But no big deal. I was used to it. It was just important to use it on my hands. Then I was gathering the rest off my makeup and things...... Lots of women everyone was very dressed up. Their was a long mirror on the right side with lights and a ledge. That's where the powder was. It felt like a high class dressing room before a special event. Everyone was standing and talking. A few Sitting on benches. I would love to hear if anyone had experience similar!! This was in 2012. I wish I had more memories. If I'm going to experience these things is like to know about it. Ha
Lmathis - 9-Sep-17 @ 12:39 AM
Well it is good to know I am not the only one. I seen a small Robot with a black shield about 2 feet tall. then I went to sleep. the next day I had 4 tiny pin holes on my left lobe on my head and two pin holes on the right lower lobe. $ days later My back was so sore I could hardly walk. this went on for several months. This was consistence for over a period of several months. Recently I am able to see out of my left eye double 3-D and my eye is blurred it looks likeTINY CAMERA. I always know when they cam because my back hurts real bad...resistance from me I am sure. I believe I am being used as a camera fro them, I also believe that they are research our way of life except I am in the remote wilderness of Belmont, Arizona. I also move spirits to the after life as many do not make it and are trapped on the Earth Plane.
Starman - 4-Sep-17 @ 2:59 AM
Hi i was lying with my husband one evening and noticed a strange tiny lump in amongst his bicep muscle. He has a tattoo where this object is but there is a oval shaped scar maybe a pinky finger nail big. He knows for a fact that when that tattoo was do e the rose pedal was shaded and now it is not because of this scar. But you can only really feel this object (fkrst thing i thought of was a transmitter) a teeny little silver cube with a smaller red cube on top. Thats what immediatly came into my head when i told him about it. He knows that hes never been hurt in that area or had any wound. Its only like 1millimeter big the top part very tiny. But who do we go see about it!? British Columbia, Canada!
pin - 17-Aug-17 @ 8:06 PM
I don't think that I have been abducted,but I've had a close encounter with one. It was about 100 feet over my head and absolutely no mistaking of what it was! There was physical aspects to it as well,like a sense of euphoria and heat among other things.That was about 12 years ago. I had a more recent experience as well. I was out walking my dog late at night when I heard look up inside my head and was instantly directed to one far away,very strange. Any how check out this guy L.A. marzulli he was with Dr L for many of these procedures and has some great answers to who these beings are. God bless.
Brigs - 18-Jul-17 @ 5:56 PM
I had a dream one night last year and just tonight after hearing similar stories have finally concluded that this dream could of been me getting abducted by aliens. Unknown origins! I was in my bed one night I dosed off to sleep with me lying on my back facing the ceiling and all of the sudden I was been operated on. All I could see was arms and rubber gloves with hands over my face but looked almost hospital like. There was a bright white light in the corner close to my face. They were wearing white gloves and some had blue gloves on. I never sore there faces just there arms and human like hands. I felt out of it like I'd been drugged by there medication. They kept twisting my nose at the top where the bone is it was exsreamly painful like my nose was going to pop with the pressure they were inflicting on my nose. I don't remember them doing anything else but using silver spanner like tools on my nose. I woke up with my nose throbbing. Its so strange and 8 years before this exsperienced a dream of a UFO hovering outside my window it was green very small before shooting off then this happens to me years later. I think they have been observing me and then picked me for research. I think they know we talk about this and i wouldn't be surprised if they get me again to do thurther experimental things in me. Its all very strange out there.
Fame - 18-Jul-17 @ 1:51 AM
i got all the symptoms of someone with an implant, i got lots of scars that i dont even know how i get that especially in my both arms close to my wrist,my head, etc. i even got a big lump in my arm that i dont know how i got it too?i got this strong static,sometimes my lights will just blink on and off then sometimes it just turn off too,id seen sometimes this kinda like bright light glance on the side of my eyes,im a negative blood type too,i got this sounds almost everyday everytime non stop,and its diff. sounds mostly pitch,it sometimes kinda loud and high.Most of all id seen ufo ever since i was a kid not just once,and i got nightmares,mostly i cant move,almost every night or everytime i sleep,i just dont wanna say it here,coz i know its easy for them to do what they want to do to us when we are sleeping. Honestly we all have all this things or symptoms happening to our life,sometimes im thinking if we are some sort of lab rat or experiment or what?And who can help us especially with this implants in our body?I know Dr.Roger Leir was the only one i know off who use to operate people to take out that implants but hes gone now (decease),so who can help us?I believe in hope, and im hoping that theres someone out there whose kind and brave enough to help us just like Dr. Roger Leir, Ive been searching for someone who can operate someone like Dr.Leir but i cant find one yet,coz i know theres a lot of people like me whose desperately wanna get this out,this implant in our body. Anyone?anybody?PLEASE HELP US.
mary - 9-Jul-17 @ 12:09 PM
@4vrnite - why have no conventional doctors ever found any alien implants? Just a thought. If there were any, surely you could go have them removed and checked out?
Buzz - 23-Jun-17 @ 12:49 PM
Mark. B Yes it's happened to me my entire life. The earliest I can recall is around 6 years old. I would completely be paralyzed in my bed. I could feel things being done to me, I could hear noises. It happened often during my teenage years. I told my mother this was happening to me and she said the same thing happened to her often. I was also born with a hole over my ear which i was told by someone that its an Alien marking. Ive seen ships twice in my lifetime. Ive been given many explanations by people who ive told my story to. Ive been told that I have alien dna due to my mother being experimented on, I've been told that I'm being followed by them and tested. To be honest I, know what it is or why they chose me but I hate feeling venerable to them and having no control over the next time they come to me. I wish I knew how to fight them back.
KW - 23-Jun-17 @ 7:25 AM
Perhaps the research labratories that examined these implants, perfectly unbiased, by not having been told anything about them, as to start with a fresh sheet of paper should have the opportunity for a second look after being informed that they were removed from an alleged alien abductee, andhave specialists from other fields present.It seems as though the exercise might yield a different result.Even if they could not understand it's operation, or could not make the device functional, they could mull over the question of, if not from a meteor then where did the material originate.Im certain that spectrographic analysis, as well as other accurate tests could prove the purity of the material and the equal distribution of the material surely would prove this was not a random construct of a meteor. By my criterion that would represent the smoking gun.
4vrnite - 23-Jun-17 @ 7:17 AM
I have seen and experienced UFO's several times over the yrs not just in Scotland but in other places in the world so either it's a real phenomenon or a real mental condition or something else just as sinister where I have been "used" as I have experienced missing time on several occasions and also dream like states and I have been witnessed "doing things" awake where I remember nothing other than bits possibly made up in my own head to fill in the blanks. I am no kook unfortunately but I am the real deal. There most definitely is more to our reality than we know, I went on the defensive for a few yrs chucking it out over the fence denying aliens and such like but there is too much out there in our everyday realities to just simply ignore this besides I enjoy this it's part of who I am. I would try and explain it away as part of a subjective reality as a lot of the content you read and view can have that impact of affecting your subconscious reality however given a lot of things happened prior to my search for truth I would dismiss some of that , it would seem searching for truth followed by denial and then complete acceptance is a natural path for anyone interested in the psychology of the matter (previously a scary matter for me) but it is what it is and there are more people connected and involved than you realise my advice is to keep quiet and observe what goes on around you if in doubt, once seen it's difficult to unsee, there are too many connections in life to be just merely coincidences. A bit of a ramble folks but people need to realise that there is psychology involved and that it also needs to be accepted by everyone connected on such a delicate subject matter.
Ronson - 14-Jun-17 @ 5:03 PM
Since 2013 I have been getting heavy energies coming into my head and going through my body. The more this happens, the more empty and less human I feel. I believe I was 'inserted' here for this very purpose: shortly after birth my brain experienced rapid growth, a years worth in the space of a few days. I believe I may also have an implant near my right shoulder blade. It is a spot that is always itching me. I can't get help or support from anywhere and I am seriously contemplating suicide as the only option left. I used to laugh at people like myself, but we really are to be pitied, caught as we are between two stools.
Padster - 6-Jun-17 @ 6:41 PM
Can anyone provide me with contact info for anyone in the UK dealing with implants? Thank you
Rich - 22-May-17 @ 4:21 PM
I to have a implant in the palm of my right hand that's located between my thumb and index fingure. I was abducted in August of last year for the 3rd time that I can remember,but now I have this thing in my hand,and they are no scar on how they got in there, but I know they are monitoring me for some sinister reason cause I have had more than 10 surgeries and 3 cancer surgeries, I do believe now they are the reason for it all. I was never sick at all til I saw that first I do and missing all that time the first time I remember being taken 20 years ago. I can tell when they are close that thing will heat up and vibrate and glow a bluish grayish glow and when it just vibrates I end up with a lot of time missing on average 4 hours at a time. I do believe they are watching me all the time. what I can't figure out is why am I so special. I just wish they would leave me alone. I used to be the biggest skeptic about ufos and aliens cause it has went against everything I was taught and learned. but I'm a believer now, how can you not say something doesn't exist when it's right in front of you and your looking at it. All I know is I have felt crappy ever since this thing was placed in me.I want It out and for them to leave me alone. If someone reads this that can help, please help, please.
truthisoutthere - 14-May-17 @ 6:16 PM
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