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Have You Been Abducted By Aliens?

By: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 23 Feb 2017 | comments*Discuss
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Have you been abducted by aliens? The question sounds absurd. Surely it could only be meant as a joke. Yet, there are those who believe that a vast number of us - millions of people across the world - have been abducted by aliens without knowing it. What’s more, there is some serious research data to back up their claim.

The notion that some of us are being abducted by aliens has come to dominate modern ufology. It all started with Betty and Barney Hill – the first high-profile alien abduction case of the modern era. Its characteristics have since been reproduced in numerous other accounts from fellow “experiencers,” to adopt a phrase favoured by John Mack, one of the most thoughtful researchers ever to have looked at the phenomenon. The key ingredients of the typical abduction account are:

  • Being transported elsewhere – onto what appears to be an alien vessel
  • Being experimented on by aliens corresponding to the description of “Greys” – small, bulbous-headed humanoids with thin-limbs, large, slanting eyes, and a complete absence of body hair
  • At first, having little to no conscious memory of the experience – perhaps realising only that something strange has happened or that time has elapsed without any recollection of what happened during it, a phenomenon known as “Missing Time”
The memory loss is crucial. Typically, memories are only recovered during hypnosis, although sometimes fragmentary recollections occur during nightmares – which many abductees experience with unusual frequency.

For a time, there were some in the UFO research community who argued that some kind of alien experimentation programme was taking place on a large scale – that perhaps thousands or even millions of people were involved. Even in a community which is not averse to conspiracy theories, this sounded like a conspiracy theory too far. Then came Robert Bigelow.

Robert Bigelow is an American billionaire. If you want to get a picture of just how rich he is, think of this – he owns his own spaceship: Genesis I. It’s the only private spaceship in space. Bigelow had a long-standing interest in UFOs and, after making his money in property investment, he began to throw some of it into some unusual fields of research.

The Roper Report

One project Bigelow financed was an attempt to find out just how many people may have been the victims of alien abduction. Questions were inserted into market research surveys designed to elicit this information. People were not asked directly whether they had been abducted by aliens. Instead, the questions were subtle and asked about more limited things which were consistent with the alien abduction experience.

The key questions were:

  • Have you ever woken up paralyzed with a sense of a strange person or presence in the room?
  • Have you ever found puzzling scars on your body and not remembered how you got them?
  • Have you ever experienced a period of an hour or more in which you couldn’t remember how or where you had been?
  • Have you ever felt as though you were actually flying through the air?
  • Have you ever seen unusual lights or balls of light in a room?
When respondents answered positively to 4 of these 5 questions, they were deemed to have been the likely victims of alien abduction. In the 1991 survey, 1.7% of the population sampled answered positively to four of these questions.

It should be pointed out that the questions themselves were developed in close consultation with Budd Hopkins, one of the leading researchers of the alien abduction phenomenon and that the actual polling was conducted by the Roper Organisation, a highly respected market research company.

If the methodology of the survey was sound and the questions chosen were accurately reflective of an underlying experience, it would appear that almost 2% of the U.S. population – around 5 million people – had been the victims of alien abduction.

Critics retort that the questions were too oblique to be indicative of anything. Supporters insist that direct questions would have been less useful because of the “missing memory” problem and because some respondents might have been too embarrassed to say directly that they had been abducted by aliens.

No similar surveys have been undertaken for the UK, but if the numbers were comparable, it would mean that around 1 million Britons had been kidnapped by aliens. Could this possibly be true?

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I rememeber when I was a baby maybe I was chosen at a early age. First memories was flashing green light on my stairs. I once work up with small redcircular dots with one dot in the middle on my right bicep. Behind my ear I had a small hole which need medical treatment not sure we're it came from. Scar on the tip of my nosethere are other things that happen but can't reveal just yet. many people wonder why them . All it takes to create a new world, army , food supplyis sperm and eggs . Are we biological machines made to be eaten or slaves and we just don't kown it. We are being control , try and think without influence , !!!hard!!!. The earth is a gift for all but enjoyed by few .
Bash - 23-Feb-17 @ 10:50 PM
My first experience was in 1984. I was 17 and had found out I was pregnant. I even had a scan at the local hospital which had shown a 5 week embryo. One day I was walking to pick up my youngest brother from nursery and it felt like I blinked and then it was half an hour later and I was much further along. The scariest thing though was the baby had disappeared and all my hospital records had vanished.
Ellis - 11-Feb-17 @ 7:41 PM
Hi, I experienced unusual occurances when I was younger but also on into adulthood. Mainly experiences were associated with sleep and either waking to strange goings on or memories of dreams that were abnormaly real, on a couple of occassions dreams proved prophetic. Invariably my memories of early occurances became less vivid over time but much more recently I experienced something very difficult to comprehend and find it troubling. When I was younger, an intrinsic component of each experience was the absolute lack of desire to think on the subject, no matter how strange, but rather just to shake it off and pay it no heed. Being older I now find the memories of recent occurances are not so easily subconciously repressed. I have been intentionally vague in writing this and post it mainly so that anyone in a similar position can take heart from the fact that at least theyre not alone. I guess I also post it because the need to understand my experiences is greater now, so maybe its a plea for help also, but then perhaps somethings are best forgotten.
Strange Events - 22-Dec-15 @ 6:36 PM
Sure I was drinking but the last thing I remember was driving under a traffic light out in the country and then woke up in a neighbors backyard, drowsy but not drunk a guy banging on my car door, then the police show up and I admit to not knowing where I am or how I got there? I was a half mile from home, the police take me home, no charges, my car has a blown engine and figure 8's in the snowy ground when I go to get my car the next day? I blacked out and to this day I remember looking up at that traffic light and like a flash of light and a lifting feeling including my car? I'll never know for sure
chucknchar - 13-Oct-15 @ 8:55 PM
This is occurred in the mid- to late eighties. I awoke quickly in the middle of the night. I was lying in bed and unable to move my body. The only parts of me that I could move were my eyes. The rest of the house was silent. I can still recall the quality of that silence: so full and complete, it seemed almost to hum. I had the distinct feeling that I was not alone; that I was, in fact, being watched. I didn't feel terror; what I felt was more akin to concern. I thought: I am awake. This isn't a dream. What is happening? I looked here and there about my bedroom: everything was familiar. Yet there was a presence. I thought of my family members sleeping in their rooms, and the thought occurred to me that if I could only move and get to them I would be safe. The only physical discomfort I recall was not being able to move my body. After listening to that odd silence and looking here and there about my room, my focus zeroed in on my bedroom door. It was ajar (beyond the doorway was the darkness of the second-floor hall), and there was something behind it. I don't know how I knew this, but the "something" was male; therefore, I will henceforth refer to the figure as "he." He was short (his head came to just above the doorknob), hairless, and appeared to have something on his back -- a kind of carapace, is how I thought of it (akin to a turtle's shell). He was intermittently taking peeks around the door at me, as if he were shy but curious, and somehow skittish (like a dog will be in the presence of strangers). I thought: What is that? Then I thought: Could I be dreaming? But I wasn't. I was awake. Wide awake. (Sometimes I think it would be easier for me if I could have lied to myself and chalked it all up to a dream. But were I to do that, I'd be lying.) I continued to lie there (what choice did I have? I couldn't move), and I watched him surreptitiously watching me. Then, quite suddenly, I realized that he realized that I could see him. The instant this knowledge came to me, a huge wall of blackness rushed at me, and I was out. It felt like being given an anesthetic: one second you're awake and aware, and the next -- utter blackness. The next thing I remember was waking up on the floor of my sister's bedroom. Strangely, this felt somehow more frightening to me than just about anything else regarding the experience, as I had never sleepwalked before. Sometime after this experience, I noticed two scars on my body. They are pale white and thin, on the sides of my kneecaps. One is a line; the other is in the form of a "V." I never had surgery on my knees, nor have I ever suffered wounds there. For decades, I told no one about this experience, nor of other experiences I had (yes, there were more, but the one about which I've written is the most vivid). I need to know what is happening to me. I can no longer sleep at night; I find myself checking doors and windows repetitively (yes, even when I know they are locked and secured); and the co
Joseph - 15-Aug-15 @ 7:50 AM
My father's half of the family were all abducted. I've never talked to anyone else about it but my father but he said they were small and weren't rude or mean they just talked to him. But I've been told parents who have been abducted have a chain reaction meaning their kids will be abducted. So long story short. I'm extremely paranoid wanting an anwser to one question. Does this mean my sister and I will / have a chance to be abducted?
Sammi - 14-Sep-14 @ 7:40 AM
While abduction is somewhat of an ET instructed adventure repeated follow up contact can last for months and probably doesn't include further abduction at all. Telepathic contact features survivor skills, lessons pertaining to their dimensional perspective, our collective histories with one another, both dreamy and 3D, concrete reality scenarios.One tip: Never trust a talking voice inside your head.Telepathy doesn't require language or words and, so far, it rings true.Humans overcoming ET scripted deception is a popular pastime with many up there.They also gamble on the outcomes frequently if not habitually.
jjsirius - 22-Jan-13 @ 9:18 PM
Since my abduction on the A70 I ended up uncovering a nightmare scenario that stretches as far back as the 1920s, my first thoughts at the time was that it was military due to my association with NASA in 1995. the investigation I carried out night and day uncovered quite a few military secrets at the time but not the answer to my abduction, only after years of searching did I start to get answers that led to face to face contact with different species some alien. Yes I know it all sounds like the ravings of a madman but guys they are real and some do have military involvement and best left alone.
hyundisonata - 2-Aug-12 @ 9:28 PM
I was not abducted but I had and OBE not from serious illness. I was on a different plain and surrounded by aliens who telepathically communicated. I remember asking why me! and not a scientist or powerful person? I was told many things that have yet to pass. That there are people who are key to what will be.... The sky was a golden colour and the ground hilly, of an emerald green, their houses were like igloos in shape of a greyish colour with slits as they were tall and thin brownish and had three long fingers. I was being studied by the young ones and to my left one held out his hand I gave him mine, it was cold to touch.I did not feel fear nor danger it was a great experience, sadly I felt my being returning into the room and back into my body, I had elevated up to the top left corner of the room. I then proceeded to talk about scriptures and time, I was predicting the future and in the room was a friend and my brother. Being a sceptic I dismissed the whole thing, the friend was spiritual and took me to a spiritualist to get some clues or guidance. We could not get a one to one so we went into a hall of about 30 people, to the end the clairvoyant came to me and said a few truths of a past then said these words 'you came here for confirmation of what happened last night, it has been confirmed'this sent chills. I never spoke about the incident which happened in 1982 November. My dreams of UFO as a child were vivid and fantastic all before Spielberg films, one thing, many drawings of aliens are not like the ones I met.Since then I have been sensitive to reading people and feeling the world weird but true and a burden. I see and feel things.
Neila - 24-Jun-12 @ 9:07 PM
When i was three i woke up in my room shadows were looking into my window i got out of bed and walked to my parents room in the end of the trailer as i walked i seen shadows behind curtains of the hallway living room but when i got to my parents room i seen them staring at me through the huge glass window like they wanted me i crawled into bed thinking it was a dream i woke up in my parents bed it wasnt a dream.....i move alot always changing locations like im running away i was in manitoba jan 2011 and i woke up feeling like i had been murdered and raped repeatedly i had a cut on my right index finger that i didnt have before i fell asleep i cant explain it but i feel a connection to them to the sky to the stars when i look up into the night im frightened but also intrigued i cant explain it
Bee - 1-Sep-11 @ 10:38 PM
Whenever I dream its either I feel like im falling at some point or someones being disected. The first dream I remember was when I was 4 or so i was at a huge house and children were lined up the stairs so for some reason i walked to the front of the line just to see what the line was for and an old lady was taking their eyeballs out. The children werent scared at all but I was so I ran down the stairs and every child was focused on me as I ran by. I ran outside to the pool where the adults were and then I woke up. The other dream I had was of driving really fast on the highway with my mom and all of a sudden the road was gone I fell toward a river and felt the sensation of falling all the way down and then i woke up. The last dreamI had there were beings that took me from my room to the front door of my house where theres a bench. they set up a contraption that was basically an upside down needle. They carried me over the needle and lowered the bottom my spine to the needle until my weight pushed down on itcausing it to inject me with whatever was in it. And the last weird feeling I had was falling right as i woke up. I often feel like im falling when i go to sleep too. I don't know about aliens but I feel like something is here and its not anything we can control.
Ant - 13-Jul-11 @ 4:53 AM
i think something has been put in my footit was found on xray by accident its a small piece metal the doctor was baffeled he said its in a place of alot of nerves that if its not causing pain to leave it there im really worried about it what should i do
tera - 11-Jul-11 @ 8:25 PM
Ever since i was eight i have experienced wierd paralysed moments. when i was eight for the first time i woke up out of sleep and in the doorway to my room stood a man that wasnt really a man his eyes they was the only thing i could remember to this day they seemed to glow. since then i would be awake and fall asleep my eyes would move rapidly i would try to move and cant and have the feeling that someone is there with me. infact this happened last week the feeling of floating and the voices of something talking to me thats all i can remember i cant remember anything else except fighting them with really no known reason to fight.
lagtima - 20-Jun-11 @ 12:57 AM
i experienced some hours of missing time and gained consciousness in another place with some bruises on my right wrist. this happened 4 years back and i still have the marks. i don't have any memory of being taken on a spacecraft though. since then i have encountered strange transparent beings and a flying transparent car one day during the night. other from that i lead a perfectly normal life free of paranormal things. i once felt as if i am walking on air when i was in the woods at night. another time, i stared at my friend's chest and suddenly a scar appeared (like a sort of cut) i believe i have gained some sort of psychic abilities through my experience, but i doubt it is positive
strawberry - 17-Jun-11 @ 10:39 AM
When I feel like I am paralysed when I wake up, I see a man astride me...and at the same point is when I get the images of flying balls in my face. The images are usually only short and scraps of memory come back-which makes me feel like it must be due to some sort of abduction. Charlie
grouchy2011 - 27-Apr-11 @ 11:40 AM
The feeling of being paralysed really scares me in the middle of the night, and then the presence in my room is terrifying. I wake up and find bruises on areas of my body that I cannot explain, and I do not sleepwalk as my friends have told me. Sometimes, strange balls come near my face but I never have any recollection of the events which caused this. I think these balls and the bruises may be connected and would like to find out more. Charlie
grouchy2011 - 25-Apr-11 @ 9:37 PM
It has happened a few times during my life that I will suddenly wake up with the sense somebody is in my room and that I am completly unable to move, this has happened even with people in the house during day times. What does this mean?
Odex - 21-Mar-11 @ 6:55 PM
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