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Everyone's done it - looked up into the sky, seen an object, thought "Oh, that is an airplane," and then taken a second look.Although some archeologists believe that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been documented in cave drawings by early man, the first official investigation of UFOs began during World War II when military aircraft crews reported seeing fast moving, glowing objects in the sky over Germany.
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Alien Agenda
Alien Agenda: A Rough Guide to Extra-Terrestrial Visitors, The Anunnaki, Do Alien...
Alien Contact
Alien Contact: Travis Walton, John Mack: Author and Researcher, Billy Meier, Whitley...
British UFO Sightings
British UFO Sightings: Warminster: The Thing, The Falkirk Triangle, The...
History of UFOs
History of UFOs: Mysterious Flying Machines in the Pre-Modern Period, Flying Saucers:...
Interpretations of UFOs
Interpretations of UFOs: The Hollow Earth Theory And Aliens, Arguments...
Investigating UFOs
Investigating UFOs: Project Bluebook and After, UFO Research Today, The Vatican and Alien...
Major UFO Incidents
Major UFO Incidents: The Battle of Los Angeles, The Belgian UFO Wave,...
UFO Hoaxes & Frauds
UFO Hoaxes & Frauds: The Alien Interrogation Video, The Aztec Incident, Orson Welles and...
UFO Related Phenomena
UFO Related Phenomena: The Truth About Alien Implants In Human Bodies,...
UFOs & the Government
UFOs & the Government: Majestic 12, Area 51 And The Debate About Aliens...
Latest Comments
  • Jill
    Re: The Falkirk Triangle
    Anyone interested in the Dr Jonathan REED case and would like to attend a conference mail me or pm me on Facebook ( Gillian Stewart Main )
    20 October 2014
  • jill
    Re: The Falkirk Triangle
    I come from a village just at the back of bonnybridge and I have seen a few things. I wondered if anyone has heard of Dr Jonathan Reed ? He…
    20 October 2014
  • krishan
    Re: UFOs Captured on Film
    picture is not clear . pls check
    17 October 2014
  • Barry Smith
    Re: Philip J. Corso and the Use of Alien Technology
    my take on high-credibilty witnesses, is that IF you find a witness w/ HIGHER credibility, then you def…
    15 October 2014
  • Barry Smith
    Re: UFOs: The Evolution of Public Perception
    could be that the alien agenda is a very long-tern developmental one, the goal of which is to eventually get…
    15 October 2014
  • barry
    Re: Why Don't Aliens Make Open Contact?
    just a quick point; if you look at a lot of the depictions of greys, youll see that if you try to estimate the dia of…
    15 October 2014
  • trigger
    Re: The Truth About Alien Implants In Human Bodies
    i have heard frequencies for about 21 years that i cannot explain. they finally got to me so bad one night…
    8 October 2014
  • Doc
    Re: The Belgian UFO Wave
    It is important to note What else was happening in history when this wave occurred. Why would UFOs want to be seen around the Iron Curtain as…
    29 September 2014
  • mikkel
    Re: The Alien Interrogation Video
    i have seen the documentary many times! and he never says what HE was doing at groome lake fasility! and they flash the…
    24 September 2014
  • Northie
    Re: The Guernsey UFO
    Possible earthquake light? A 4.3 Earthquake was recorded near Folkstone, Kent just 5 days later http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_Kent_earthquake
    24 September 2014
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