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The Truth About Alien Implants In Human Bodies

Author: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 16 May 2015 | commentsComment
Aliens Alien Abduction Alien Implants

For years the general public has been tantalised by stories of UFO sightings and even, in a few cases, actual alien encounters. Proof of the claims, however, has been disappointingly elusive. More often than not, it simply comes down to taking a person’s word for it. In a few instances, photographs have been taken, but, inevitably, questions always arise about their authenticity. Hard physical evidence has been almost the Holy Grail of UFO research. But some now believe they have it.

Reports from people who claim alien abductions first became widespread in the 60s and 70s. Often, the supposed abductees would describe experimental procedures that the aliens had allegedly performed on them. Sometimes, they would even insist that the aliens had inserted something inside them. Soon, these “alien implants” had become a staple of UFO lore.

Alien Implants And Roger Leir’s Journey of Discovery

Roger Leir was a successful Californian podiatrist (foot doctor) when he first heard stories going around about people who claimed to have alien implants inside them. Although he had believed in UFOs since he was a child, many of the newer developments in UFO lore, such as reports of alien abduction, struck him as fanciful. He didn’t believe for a second that any of the alien implant stories were true and he decided to disprove them. When he heard of a patient complaining that she had an alien device implanted in her body, Leir offered to do the surgery required to remove it for free. To his amazement he discovered that she really did have a mysterious object inside of her after all. For him, it was the beginning of a journey of discovery.

Since then Roger Leir has become the go-to guy for alien implant removal. He is inundated with inquiries from people who believe they have something strange inside of them. Leir and a small panel of scientific colleagues evaluate the reports they receive but, because of limited funds, can follow up on only a few. Nevertheless, over the years, Leir has performed over a dozen surgical operations designed to remove anomalous objects from inside people’s bodies. Some of these operations have even been performed on camera and the footage has been shown in television documentaries.

What Analysis of Alien Implants Has Discovered

Experience has shown that, usually, the objects that are supposedly alien implants are metallic. Some emit radio frequency waves. Many are attached to nerve endings within the body, causing patients to cry out in pain when they are removed, even after they have been anaesthetised. Leir has found that sometimes there is a scar in the external part of the body where the implant is located, but often there is not. While inside the body, the implants are often wrapped in a protective membrane.

Of course, several of the "alien implant" objects which have been removed have been sent to laboratories for analysis. Alas, none has been so definitively “alien” that it represents irrefutable proof of extra-terrestrial contact. Perhaps the alien technology is simply beyond our understanding, just as one of our own electronic devices would be if we handed it to a tribe in the stone age. Some also suspect that the implants cease functioning once they are removed from the body.

Origins and Purpose of the Alien Implants

Leir performs surgery only on patients who have not previously undergone hypnosis, because he knows that UFO sceptics will claim that the hypnotic experience induced them to imagine all kinds of fantastic things. Many patients do undergo hypnosis afterwards, though. In these hypnotic regression sessions, reports of the patient sighting UFOs, or even being the victims of alien abductions and carried away in them, are very common.

If the "alien implants" really do represent alien technology then, what is their purpose? The most sinister suggestion is that they are some kind of mind control device. Since the victims eventually sought help for their condition, if that were so, they would seem, at the very least, to have been of limited effectiveness. Perhaps they are just monitoring devices which send back reports to UFOs and the aliens on the victim’s location and condition? Stories of repeat alien abductions, even lifelong abductions, are very common. This suggests that the aliens are interested in monitoring specific individuals. We have no way of knowing what makes them choose one person rather than another for their invasive procedures.

Alien Implants - Conclusion

The idea of aliens implanting devices inside our bodies is deeply frightening. We can only hope that, if these alien implants really are of extra-terrestrial origin, they can one day offer clues about who or what their creators are, and what their intentions might be.

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I had a weird feelingthat Ilosttime one night . I found a lump in my arm afterwards. About 10 years layer an 8 inch strand of a metalic wire came to a head but a metalic slightly magnetic lump remains.
Dan - 16-May-15 @ 3:24 AM
I seems that I do have something strange going on with my elbows. Some month ago some red scares appeared out of nothing on my right elbow. It's not hurting, itching or anything but I find this irritating as they just turned up over night. The scares are still visible but not red anymore. Just recently I woke up with a tiny little drop of blood on my left elbow and some red marks around the area? I thought maybe I bumped my arm while sleeping at the wooden frame of the bed or something... yesterday night I had another look and took some photos of the area around the little wound - with my mobile.(I only can see the spot it in the mirror because it's under my elbow.) Well, on my mobile I clearly can see it is a tiny, little cut! Very, very strange. Has anyone else experiences with scars or cutts around the elbows? If so please contact me. I find this quite scary. Much appreciated.
Amela - 5-May-15 @ 9:56 AM
I have been hearing two voices coming from what seems like a distance for the last one and a half years. One voice is a female and the other is male. Sounds like a young girl in her teens as well as the male one. They claim they are alien and say they love me and won't stop talking to me. I have a strange urge to swallow more then usual and my stomach makes strange noises when I am in proximity of what I believe to be other aliens beings. Has anyone else had this experience? This is happening in Long Beach, California where I live. When I go to the mountains or listen to music the voices disappear. I was living in a foreign country for over 7 years and moved back to California three years ago and this started happening. It has made me depressed and is affecting my daily life. Can someone help me?
Dragon Monk - 28-Apr-15 @ 11:10 PM
This is in reply to JUS from February, what are you saying??If you have a couple of aliens who are "your best friends" lets see a photo of them with you.You have m ade some startling statements and should back them up.
Lori - 16-Apr-15 @ 10:05 PM
I heard Chris A. on a MUFON presentation who had an implant in his leg and said that research shows the implants have a connection to a persons nervous system.He said that when a Reiki person checked his leg, he felt undeniable pull on his head to pull him off the stool and the conclusion was the puller was trying to take his consciousness.SO, would you think that many people are being implanted around the world so when the time comes, their minds can be controlled in whatever way and purpose the Government or Aliens require?If the Aliens or other institution want to take over the world, they will need "believers" or "slaves" to do the work.Comments??
Lori - 16-Apr-15 @ 10:01 PM
I think I have a alien implant. Because of a Xray. It do not hurt. I think it's cool ! I have seen many U.F.Os'., throughout my life. I don't care about people's assumptions, it's about hard seen & touching proof, facts'. It looks metallic with wire probes' coming from it. A hand doctor in about 2002, Portland,Oregon. Was interested in removing it. I didn't let him. I have proof.
Rich - 4-Apr-15 @ 8:41 AM
Ok here goes my story I had a lump on the bone behind my left ear I had been using these huge ear phones and it made the area swell up it eventually bursted and pus came out I ended catching pnemonia a few days after because I got caught in the rain which is unrelatedso I went to the ERthe doc gave me an examination he decided to cut into the affected area behind my ear to help it drain out... It turns out I had a triangular device there. They asked if I knew I had something in there they did not know what it was... We both looked at it and at each other and laughed. I asked him am I chipped ? He replied I don't know are you ? He asked if I knew how it got there I said I had no clue He looked at my hair cut and asked me if I was ever in the military I said yes I was he said maybe it's a gps device ? Well my question is have you guys ever heard of something like this I don't believe in aliens but this is weird right ?
Vinnie - 30-Mar-15 @ 11:42 AM
Ok, so I never thought I'd ever share this with anyone! Other then the 2 only people who have known this for over a year. So back in Feb 2014, I was sleeping. I remember in my dream that these beings took me against my will. I was trying to fight them and get away, as each one ended up having my legs, and arms. The 4 of them wouldn't let me go. When I saw they where taking me on their star ship, I panicked and fought more to get away. The one on my right who had my right arm looked and me, and I couldn't move, then blacked out. I remember being strapped to a cold table against my will. When I woke up from them making me black out. My vision was blury and it caused the lights to be supper bright, and I could not make out faces bc my vision was blurry. The only part of my body I could move was me head. I could pick it up and see my feet. There where many of these beings who came in the room when I awoke. I kept picking up my head trying to watch and figure out how to get away. Then I had 2 being standing at each if my shoulders. And 3 at the bottom by my feet, and some on each if my sides. One being walked back in with this long a$$ skinny needle, and they injected my right big toe under my toe nail. Then then injected me in a few other places in that sane foot. But when I saw the needle going into my big toe, I kept picking up my head, and for some reason I couldn't yell or talk. It was all like we could read minds to talk. The 2 that where standimg by my shoulders jebtly put my head back down and held it there so I couldn't move, and that's when they makes the first injection (under my big toe nail). I have been in denial, and didn't want to believe this was real. 6 weeks after this alleged dream I had, I went to the foot Dr bc my foot was doing weird shaping ect and hurts and burns a lot. The Dr said I have a bunion. Well now 2015, I went back to the for Dr, and he is giving me bunion surgery on 3/30/15. ( I have not told my Dr this bc I am scared, but when I go into surgery, I'm going to ask him to look for some things in my foot bc ...I'm going to make up I thing I got metal in my foot from helping my friend work. Well, I tried to do the magnet trisck this past 13 months. And a magnet only sticks to my foot when my foot is burning. Its like its active or something and that's why it burns? Idk. But , yeah. This is a story I have only shared with 2 ppl for the last 13 months until now. So honestly, I don't think it was a dream. Also bc when I woke up I held my foot bc and was yelling bc I was in so much pain. So 3/30/15, will the Dr tell me if he finds something in my foot? Namaste!
Hibiscus Flower 1111 - 26-Mar-15 @ 5:32 AM
@...- you wouldn't be sectioned, but it does sound that you need to talk to someone regarding your thoughts and feelings. A lot of people have intrusive thoughts when perhaps suffering from anxiety and get scared by them. Rather than live in fear, please make an appointment with your GP, or if you would prefer in the first instance to talk to someone confidentially then you can speak to someone via the Mind Charity helpline link here . I hope this helps.
UFOEncounters - 18-Mar-15 @ 2:45 PM
I'm only sixteen, and I've been visited every six months or so for the last eight years, after I first saw a ship. Nothing out of the normal for me, sure, the occasional strange bruise, or burn, and round marks on my chest, which come after a horrible night of sleep paralysis paired with horribly vivid visions of monsters. Recently, I've been losing sleep, been seeing weird lights around our apartments, and my left ear as been tingling. It's painful, my neck hurts, and I've been having horrible migraines since the first time I saw a UFO. I just recently began to scratch the back of my head, and near the base of my skull, there's this hard, waxy sort of area of skin. I've been scratching, it feels like scar tissue, and its sort of bumpy. It stings really bad, like a recent scar being irritated. I have no idea what it could be.
TiredOfNoAnswers - 18-Mar-15 @ 5:20 AM
I am terrified I am 27 am finding unexplained blood on my bed under my pillow I constanly feel connected to somthing starting to get weird headache I feel I am getting suggested thoughts fly into my head some I can't even understand is this real or am I going Insain I feel if I told a my doc or went to a shrink that they section me for being a nutter I don't know but one thing is clear iam terrified.
... - 16-Mar-15 @ 4:29 PM
I'd been having sharp little Pains in my left front abdomin area just about where my waist line is for about a year,durring that time i would end up with seem to be a irritation from my pants rubbing along my waist.These sharp pains would become painfull enough to stop me in my in my tracks.I began squeezing the mucsel in my stomach and the pain would feel like razors cutting through my muscle in my stomach,I would continue squeezing and pinching away.I HAVE PHOTOS THAT I TOOK OFWHAT I FOUND INSIDE MY WAISTLINE WHILE IT WAS STILL EMBEDDED,ONE OF THE PICS I HAVE IS A TINY SINGLE LIGHT GLOWING THROUGH THE SKIN,THE NEXT PICS ARE OF 3 TINY METALLIC SQUARES STILL HALF WAY OUT MY STOMACH,I PULLED THEM OUT COMPLETELY AND WITH A FEW SECONDS THEY COMPLETELY DESINTERGRATED..I NEED TO KNOW IF ANYONE ELSE HAS HAD THE SAME TYPE OF SITUATION HAPPEN TO THEM..I WILL SHARE THE PHOTOS WITH ANYONE THAT TAKES ME SERIOUS....PLEASE HELP ME FIND SOME ANSWERS.
Moby - 13-Mar-15 @ 10:51 AM
I had a dream one night. My forearms were itching like crazy so i woke up scratching them. I stood up and walked over to the kitchen only to find little grey bugs crawling inside the scratchs on my arms. When they went all the way in a clear ooze started to leak out. Before this happened i heard a loud buzzing sound. As if something was hovering over me. I was laying in the fetal position and was stuck in the position for a couple seconds. I literally had to force movement. When i did i got up and checked my arms they were still scratched and itchy. This happened a few month after i began my spiritual ascension. Did aliens see something in me and implant bugs in me to monitor me? If so why would they choose me?
n/a - 3-Mar-15 @ 12:24 AM
I had a real bad ear infection. The Doctor gave me some meds for the ear. I went back sometime later. It was not in my ear to say but in the center flap entering into the ear. The flap was very sore and swollen. Out of the flap came a white object about the color and size of a standard piece of white rice. It was a rather odd shape. It was about a half circle, than straight, curved , straight ,curved, straight cured. Total of 4 times. Down one of the curves was a red line from top to bottom. On the very bottom a very fine hairlike wire. I would hear voices and controlling me. When I got it out of my ear flap the voices stopped. Tried to break with a hammer and would not break.
ma - 22-Feb-15 @ 7:46 AM
How do you know the human body can only have up to 66 implants max? I'm just wondering I love learning new things and bits of information I crave it :)
jayjay - 21-Feb-15 @ 5:22 AM
I watched all the implant removal videos. The objects removed are not alien implants. I know because I have the real deal and they are vastly different. Why would an alien race of super intelligent beings from millions of mile away, pick random people and put tiny metal pieces in them? Why would they not implant something containing actual technology instead of dead metal? My answer is that they do implant actual technology, but only in certain individuals they see as fit to do so with. I have two such implants, removed, analyzed, scanned, photographed and they are unbelievably genuine, They contain technology that will blow the socks of all you alien implant and abductee phonies. They do not abduct you to implant you. It is done by selection before or shortly after birth and is part of the reincarnation process. Only babies who are dying are implanted, and only if they have a past relative who was connected spiritually to the alien race. No living, grown adult from dullsville has ever been abducted and/or implanted. No alien implant is made of a solid metal chunk or of some key chip. Aliens do not abduct humans, remove their eyeballs, implant things in their brains, reproduce with them, etc. The answer is "NO." I have more proof than anyone in the world will ever have. That's no hoax. I have their language as well, and all those so-called alien symbols that people claim to have been given are B.S. I know some gray aliens personally and they are my best friends. Therefore, I have to laugh at the attention seeking antics of alien implanted and abducted humans who don't have a clue who they're dealing with.
Jus - 17-Feb-15 @ 9:01 AM
I have the "smoking gun." I have the most incredible implants ever discovered. They are absolutely, without a doubt, alien technology. I have scans of the circuitry inside their tiny translucent discs and pictures of their alien artwork and hieroglyphic symbols. There is even a picture of an alien family. There is a mother holding a baby and three children. There is even a stone walking bridge.
May - 12-Feb-15 @ 7:34 AM
35 years ago I saw a 15 foot round ball of fire on a hill at night during a rain storm 150 yards from where I saw sleeping, went out investigate the spot where I saw the fire ball the morning and saw an impression in the dirt, the location was an old gold mine in Northern CA. 25 years had passed and I had an alien chip implant self-extract from by back, it was a small blackish/brown roundish 1/8" ovoid hard as a rock ball with white veins, just like Dr Leir had reported. 6 months later I found 2 studs on the top of my head that I still there. About 1 year later I woke up with dried blood behind my ear, 3 months later I found 4 small alien chips in my outer edge of my left ear lobe that are still there. Every 2 weeks for the past 3 years I have my left ear go bizerk with what sounds like a machine is downloading info from me, all kinds of radio signal sounds.The door to the outside is found open in the morning with no explanation. About 3 months ago I awoke with a beam of light scanning me and I was motionless and could not move, saw the light for about 15 seconds and fell back asleep, then about 2 months later it happened again but on the different side of body was being scanned with the light. 3 weeks ago I woke in the night to go to the bathroom and I saw a 3 finger glow in the dark hand print on the door frame to the bathroom, the left hand print hand two 5" long fingers with bulbous finger tips and 1 fat long thumb, the 2 long fingers were bright red glow in the dark with orange veins and the thumb was glow in the dark orange with red veins, I turned on the light to see it and it disappeared then turn off the light and sure enough it was there, I starred at it for about 15 minutes and the next day it was gone, too hard to photograph. Just to let you know that I do not drink alcohol or do drugs. I am sure more things will happen again.
gaswizard - 16-Jan-15 @ 4:12 PM
I found this rice sized lump in my left ankle after I twisted it severely years ago, I also found one in my left forearm but it was smaller and close to the skin cause I was getting tattoos done. I tried to take it out but it seemed to disappear so maybe that one wasn't one, who knows? The one in my ankle is still there, I showed a few friends as a joke and said look at my alien implant! One dude thinks it's a super soldier implant. I told him he's retarded Canada has no such thing that's a Yankee thing. That's all I have to comment on that stuff.
Telal Abzu - 13-Jan-15 @ 4:00 AM
I am a believer.. I had some strange things happen to me waking up with scares like ive hurt myself fully held with sabbs, an I have no nails, long scar with a curve on my stomach breast, hand, arm and it feels like there a knot on my arm even moves this and there is this weird thick hair that grows in my ear once a month if I dont take it out it get thicker and gives me severe ear ache I dont why my sidter joked an said I was abducted like 10 years ago because of it idk
ladeebug32 - 9-Jan-15 @ 3:18 AM
I was imp lanted the 27th of Dec. This last year in my back and it's making my heart work harder......not happy about this.
smallfry - 1-Jan-15 @ 4:42 PM
Please contact me via e-mail address. I need to know who to contact to have my implants removed I have four of them. I know about them because i became concious during my abductions. I think they keep finding me because of the implant in my right upper arm. its right between the muscle and skin behind my tricept... I believe if it is removed they won't be able to find me any more
johnbarry - 15-Dec-14 @ 9:06 AM
Several yrs back i had a lid of a mixer slam down on my lft. thumb.Next day they sent me to emergicare get it X ray.When the doctor came back with the X ray of my hand,he showed me where i had a piecemetal lodged im my middle index finger of my rt.hand.It looked flat and almost rectangular in form.Now i believe in ufo,aliens and implants having been reading about strange phenomean for fourty years.I never thought that i would have one in me to my suprise.I have no scar what so ever,to be that large. I know for a fact i have never cut any of my fingers,much less my middle has nerver been through any trama that would come from the size of that piece of metal.I have no memory,no scars or if any abduction what so ever.It looked pretty uniformed in size,like you dont usally see or a least what i have seen on line and in books.sincerely Don Christopher Wimmer
chris - 14-Dec-14 @ 10:53 AM
Id love to put it all down writing, however I dont think written words would do it justice. I am however willing to discuss this a length over the phone or in person.
johnbarry - 13-Dec-14 @ 10:30 AM
Astral travel is real. So I had this dream. Ok so please bare with me, I am new to all of this e.t. implantings. But after an experience I had back in May 2014. Long story short as I can make it.. I was outside some place, I saw a star ship land, and I thought to myself RUN! Well b4 I could run, they had paralised me just by looking at me..and not long after I remember blacking out. I wile up tied on a table, I could only move my neck to look towards my feed. When I woke up in my dream, my vision was blury and it made the light very bright! Beings where all around me, not necessarily hurting me. I saw a being walk in w a thin but long needle, and I had a being at each shoulder who held my head down flat by holding my forehead. They injected this needle into me many times. Under my toe nail in the side, and a few places in my foot. Well....when I woke up, I was in so much pain..that it was worse then the 3 times I gave child birth to any if my kids. 6 weeks later my foot started growing funny, and Dr took x-rays and said I have a bunion, and the odd things in the x-ray are just there and part of my bunion. Well idk if I believe that, bc at times it heats up and burns very bad..and other pains that I can't explain. I still have issues with these spite that in my dream I was injected. Was this a dream or real? Please...I am new to this hole alien injection stuff. And I want to learn, exp bc my dream seems to maybe has been reality and not a dream?? Idk. Please, help me. If I ask a Dr ect they'll tell me I'm silly ect.This is the first time iv publicly shared my weird dream thing.
cc - 12-Dec-14 @ 7:19 AM
i have heard frequencies for about 21 years that i cannot explain. they finally got to me so bad one night sitting with my roomate i took a knife and cut open my neck just behind my left ear and with some needlenose pliers reached in and pulled out a little triangular shaped thing that looked like some micro chip like i have never seen before(i have a pretty good eductation about electronics). after i removed it the frequencies stopped. that was a few years ago but i am starting to hear and feel these frequencies again and getting stronger everyday. i can also feel something growing inside my neck again.
trigger - 8-Oct-14 @ 12:35 PM
I went to bed and had an idea for a business which i was thinking heavily into, all of a sudden a voice saying a word i never heard before seemed to take control of my thoughts as soon as the word finished a high pitch ringing and it was like my mind went flat with this high pitched tone. I got up got a drink went back to bed. Then later in night i woke up paralised in my bed, I was laying on my side and could feel something behind me i tried to turn i was unable. Then there was a sharp consistent pain in my lower back and i tried to turn my head and the pain became more intense i could hardly open my eyes my room was lit but not bright i could just make out a figure in front of me a purple white its head was shape with a large rounded head (like you see in alien photos)but long strange arms and legs like a bug on all 4s long and moving quickly in front of me itwas illuminated through purple and white but i could not keep my eyes open, i heard a voice saying 'dont be scared and it will only hurt for a while' i spoke back to it through my mind saying i was not scared and i wanted to know more but the pain was intense and then stopped i then was moved on my other side i only felt the pain for a short while on the other side once again in my lower back. There are no visible marks that i can see but i know it happened the pain was real and i heard the voice in my head and i spoke to somehow through my mind, i have had very strange things happen to me through my life but his tops them all :)
IBeliveNow - 23-Sep-14 @ 6:03 PM
i have a little bump on my neck and just two days ago i woke up with a sore body and a feeling of being pricked by a needdle on my back that has not stoped yet i made my brother take a picture of my back where it hurts and theres a triangular mark
beto - 14-Sep-14 @ 3:56 AM
To get straight to the point, I have an irritation in my left ear which is driving me round the bend. It's been there, as far as I can remember, for about 5 months. I always seem to get more wax in my left ear than my right one, and whilst I have no problems removing the wax from my right ear, I always have to go to my GP to have my left ear syringed. Three weeks ago I did just that. Thinking that would solve the problem of the irritation I was annoyed to find that it still persists ! It comes on intimittently , and lasts for about 11 seconds at a time ; it seems to be more active at night when I am in bed, although I am very much aware of it right now.What does it feel like ?........it feels like there is something crawling around in my ear and ending at my ear-lobe. It reaches its' intensity after about six seconds; I almost expect a lump of ear wag to drop out...but it never does !Strangely, the irritation has now stopped, but I don't know how long for !
Pete - 3-Sep-14 @ 6:04 PM
when i was 10 years old, i have an alien implant at my left sideof my elbow. now im 13 years old,, its gone thanks to doctoer martin philip
jenjen - 28-Aug-14 @ 11:12 AM
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