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The Truth About Alien Implants In Human Bodies

Author: Paul Geraghty - Updated: 24 July 2014 | commentsComment
Aliens Alien Abduction Alien Implants

For years the general public has been tantalised by stories of UFO sightings and even, in a few cases, actual alien encounters. Proof of the claims, however, has been disappointingly elusive. More often than not, it simply comes down to taking a person’s word for it. In a few instances, photographs have been taken, but, inevitably, questions always arise about their authenticity. Hard physical evidence has been almost the Holy Grail of UFO research. But some now believe they have it.

Reports from people who claim alien abductions first became widespread in the 60s and 70s. Often, the supposed abductees would describe experimental procedures that the aliens had allegedly performed on them. Sometimes, they would even insist that the aliens had inserted something inside them. Soon, these “alien implants” had become a staple of UFO lore.

Alien Implants And Roger Leir’s Journey of Discovery

Roger Leir was a successful Californian podiatrist (foot doctor) when he first heard stories going around about people who claimed to have alien implants inside them. Although he had believed in UFOs since he was a child, many of the newer developments in UFO lore, such as reports of alien abduction, struck him as fanciful. He didn’t believe for a second that any of the alien implant stories were true and he decided to disprove them. When he heard of a patient complaining that she had an alien device implanted in her body, Leir offered to do the surgery required to remove it for free. To his amazement he discovered that she really did have a mysterious object inside of her after all. For him, it was the beginning of a journey of discovery.

Since then Roger Leir has become the go-to guy for alien implant removal. He is inundated with inquiries from people who believe they have something strange inside of them. Leir and a small panel of scientific colleagues evaluate the reports they receive but, because of limited funds, can follow up on only a few. Nevertheless, over the years, Leir has performed over a dozen surgical operations designed to remove anomalous objects from inside people’s bodies. Some of these operations have even been performed on camera and the footage has been shown in television documentaries.

What Analysis of Alien Implants Has Discovered

Experience has shown that, usually, the objects that are supposedly alien implants are metallic. Some emit radio frequency waves. Many are attached to nerve endings within the body, causing patients to cry out in pain when they are removed, even after they have been anaesthetised. Leir has found that sometimes there is a scar in the external part of the body where the implant is located, but often there is not. While inside the body, the implants are often wrapped in a protective membrane.

Of course, several of the "alien implant" objects which have been removed have been sent to laboratories for analysis. Alas, none has been so definitively “alien” that it represents irrefutable proof of extra-terrestrial contact. Perhaps the alien technology is simply beyond our understanding, just as one of our own electronic devices would be if we handed it to a tribe in the stone age. Some also suspect that the implants cease functioning once they are removed from the body.

Origins and Purpose of the Alien Implants

Leir performs surgery only on patients who have not previously undergone hypnosis, because he knows that UFO sceptics will claim that the hypnotic experience induced them to imagine all kinds of fantastic things. Many patients do undergo hypnosis afterwards, though. In these hypnotic regression sessions, reports of the patient sighting UFOs, or even being the victims of alien abductions and carried away in them, are very common.

If the "alien implants" really do represent alien technology then, what is their purpose? The most sinister suggestion is that they are some kind of mind control device. Since the victims eventually sought help for their condition, if that were so, they would seem, at the very least, to have been of limited effectiveness. Perhaps they are just monitoring devices which send back reports to UFOs and the aliens on the victim’s location and condition? Stories of repeat alien abductions, even lifelong abductions, are very common. This suggests that the aliens are interested in monitoring specific individuals. We have no way of knowing what makes them choose one person rather than another for their invasive procedures.

Alien Implants - Conclusion

The idea of aliens implanting devices inside our bodies is deeply frightening. We can only hope that, if these alien implants really are of extra-terrestrial origin, they can one day offer clues about who or what their creators are, and what their intentions might be.

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You are way off on the proof.The analysis that has come back on several of the metals are of an isotope /structure that has only been found in meteorites.They also found carbon nanotubes in the structures of the implants.These were found using an electron microscope and done by the Lawrence Livermore lab.The technology to make carbon nanotubes surrounded by metal has not been invented yet.Some of these implants with the nanotubes were removed from people when nanotubes were just a theory (1991) being discussed by scientists.The radio frequencies used by the implants are only ones we use for deep space communications to satellites and are used only by the US government.So quit trying to give disinformation.Do thorough research before you make factual claims and report the truth.
jk - 24-Jul-14 @ 8:05 AM
I agree with the lady that said she astral traveled.I too was taken and implanted after years of astral travel.I did this as a child so I didn't know how to protect myself from these attacks.I believe this is a leveling device not allowing the awakening person to come to full circle spiritually. Since the abductions im a person who has lost the ability to astral travel short tempered not happy with anything unable to meditate and I once was a undoubtedly loving person and I changed after the last time I was taken instantly.
Kari King - 12-Jul-14 @ 6:43 AM
I think I know why they choose who they choose . I myself am aware of my ability to astral project while sleeping . I am so aware that I don't even have to write it down . A little over a year ago I had a worker grey come into my room at about 7:30 in the morning and got on top of me to hold me down . As he held me down he stuck a needle in the area of my stomach . I finally guesstimated where the side of his neck and wrist was and threw him off of me . I then sat up and it walk in front of a window in my room . I knew what it was due the pent down description known by others . I saw the sun light from outside refracting around the cloaking device it had descising it . The cloaking device waseven shielded by the device but I know what needle feelslike . Every time I watch something Iiinvestigational about alien subjects I feel a shot of pain but with my threshold for pain it does not stop me from watching . Since that day I know when I can't remember going anywhere in my sleep I know that they took me . I trained myself to focus to remember my astral projecting trips . So I believe that certain people are picked whoare self aware of many of the abilities they have within them . I myself know that time travel is real within the realm of sleep . I myself have been back so far in time that I just avoided being a dinosaurs lunch by waking up .I have many more experiences . So I think it boils down to a person's self awareness that makes them a candidate . What I'd like to do is access it mentally since a device does seem to link to your psychic self . If I could access my device I'm sure that they're is a treasure trove of future info that could be retrieved .
Mike - 3-Jul-14 @ 2:45 PM
In my dream I felt as if I was being stabbed with an ice pick on the right side of my stomach.When I woke up, I recalled the dream and the pain.As I ran my fingers over where I had felt the pain, I was shocked, as I felt a very small triangular hard object just under the surface of my skin.The points of the triangle where very definite.To this day, which has been 30 years now, I can still feel this object... the only change is that is now feels as if tissue as grown around it making it feel smoother... but it still hurts like an ice pick stabbing me when I push on it. Outside of that... I have had two times in my life where I have experienced loss of time.Each time was about 3 hours I could not account for, and each time I became conscious at different locations from where I originally was.Weird stuff if you ask me.
Wondering - 27-Jun-14 @ 11:45 AM
Hello, I have a small implant in my right knee, its about a half the size of a brass bb. It didnt show up on a xray, and it moves around my knee quite a bit. I dont know what to make of it, I doubt it has anything to do with it but I was struck by lightning in 2001. Soon after that I found a very small metal ball in my jaw in front of my tongue. Soon after that I developed kidney disease.... I dont even know what I expect to gain from this besides ridicule...
Jigga - 11-Jun-14 @ 10:34 AM
I had a dream about 20 years ago that I was abducted by 2 Aliens and they took me to inside a UFO it was so real but then I forgot about the dream.After some years my Doctor found out that I have a piece of metal on my back side and she says that maybe it was a piece of metal from a bullet.I have been having dreams about a UFO take me up there and then I wake up and don't remember all the dream but with the time I found out that the spot where the piece of metal is allowed make me feel discomfort and i need to scratch this often. I don't know if my dreams and the piece of metal are related but I just want to share my experience to see if someone experience the same. There are more things I can say but i don't want to sound paranoid about this.
Alix - 26-May-14 @ 10:17 PM
I think i am an abductee because i have on of these implants in my left leg near my shin. I went to go get an x ray done. Its a 10 mm linear metalic structer presentin the proximal shaft of my tibia.
CJ McCalister - 24-Apr-14 @ 2:44 AM
DELI - 19-Dec-13 @ 11:40 AM
Yesterday I had a X-ray on my right foot cause I thought I broke my bone and when the X-Ray came back the doctor was so confused because she seen like a sharp small object in my foot but she didn't know what it was and how it got in there. But I think I do because a few weeks back I experienced missing time for approximately 45minutes, I just blinked then it was 45 minutes later also I had a weird scared feeling so I'm determined i have an implant
The man - 31-Oct-13 @ 12:47 PM
I hope that all these abductions.,mine your,s,are all done for good.I know they put thoughts in are heads.a.d they know the future.I just worry about ,God getting sick of us and getting rid of us .they are the greys his creation.and mars looks like people have been there before.the military,government, can,t control them.like the greys would listen to them.look at how they let us get treated.I hope 4 all the scary things I seen .my life was not in vain.love to you.and let us find peace on earth.
diy - 3-Oct-13 @ 11:05 PM
After having to attend the hospital for a specific check up,i was asked by the attending specialist when I had,had my tracking implant inserted and for what reason.i reassured him that I had under no circumstances have ever undergone any such procedure,and that he must be wrong.Yet to my surprise he showed me on the xray that I did indeed have some form of object inserted just above my right wrist.He asserted that I must have forgotten when this had been done ,and continued with his conclusions of my actual ailment.I presume that this thing is still implanted within my body to this day.yours,ERIC CUNNINGHAM (SCOTLAND,UK)
freckflyer - 5-Aug-13 @ 3:13 PM
I can imagine two possibilities. they may be monitoring devices. they maywish to keep track of ppl ahh, for the rapture?? they may be devices that attach to the central nervous system. this could possibly control ppl in ways we can barely imagine. it may allow communication with them. I wonder how many ppl who have these devices inside them hear "voices" I have one. it is at the base of my skull in the center of my spine. I have many strange muscle spazms. I feel electric shocks even under my toenails. it sometime feels like someone is poking my skin with a needle. I hear voices. I have seen several different forms of aliens. I have seen sooo many ships I couldnt begin to guess. I wont consider having it taken out until I can learn more of the facts of why it is there. usually it feels like a very small mole. but sometimes it itches. if I scratch it it will swell up into a large knot that excreets liquid. if this ever happens to anyone else who has these just put ice on it until it becomes numb. as many times as nessacary. dont use any kind of chemicals. that will give you a nasty headache and will further irritate it.
azael - 25-Jul-13 @ 2:46 AM
booga wooga FROSTY - 26-Sep-12 @ 5:05 AM
Hi; not sure if a dream or reality. I dreamt or was asleep; grey aliens had me on a silver table central in the room. The table was perforated, lots of holes in it, I was curious and one approached me saying relax; we are not here to hurt but help, I had something pushed into my right eye dead centre, felt the initial touch on eyeball then nothing else. A few years later find I have a cavernous angioma in the right sylvian fissure. Was this a dream telling me of my Brain defect or alien assistance
Ripper - 26-Aug-12 @ 7:44 PM
My son and i,were both abducted and received implants in 1988. Mine was in my third finger on my right hand.I found and removed it myself.It was smaller than a BB-and shaped like a triangle.After removeing redish membrane material off of it -it appeared semi transparent,like silliccone or light colored sand. My son unfortunatly has still got his-it is in near his elbow.We both saw the metalic shaped saucer craft that got us,before we could escape,as we were in my car parked] when we first noticed the craft.we were scared and starting to get out of there-but -were not able to-due to a strange blueish light coming from the craft.It stopped my car engine dead, ignition still on.A cigarette I had just lit was burnt up when we found ourselves slumped over in the car again,we looked up just in time to see the craft leaving a high rate of speed.If abductee is right-about saving a chosen few-then maybe I should have left mine in???!!!!!-ANY one else think it's a good thing to leave in your body.???
T-Bone - 21-Aug-12 @ 5:14 PM
I have seen one red diamond shaped UFO with a triangle and after that I had two ET experiences. the last one was when I was about to go to bed, I let the cat in who was meowing outside, only when I let it in its eyes weren´t cat eyes, anyway I went to bed. 2 minutes later the cat hopped on my legs, that´s when I felt 4 aliens in the room and me on an operation table. I could hear them and feel them but not see them, they were defiinitely in another dimension. I lay still and straight and felt them surgically operating on my right ovary. I could feel my eggs twisting and them shuffling them around. I don´t know if they took an egg out of me, or put an egg inside of me. I don´t know. They weren´t communicating with me. And I don´t have any scars on my skin to prove this, but the day after I felt like aliens had raped me, been inside my body and violated me.I feel sick about them. and i have experienced no after-effects, normal periods, etc.I have never had a child and I wonder if I ever become pregnant will that baby be from them??? what did they do to me?
klingonkorra - 17-Aug-12 @ 6:24 AM
Sorry but I do not buy into this alien hi Tec nonsense of bits of plain metal, I removed my implant by chance due to visiting and filming a landing site used in an abduction, due to my cameras refusing to work I cut the visit short and within days most of my teeth turned black and just pulled out. One tooth had wires that I can only compare with carbon cored as in spark plug leads only microscopic, these wires fed into my jaw. Under the microscope you could clearly see the wires had different colors similar to what we would use. Only problem was every time I zoomed in to film it went blurred so I sent it to a pro that couldn’t get it into focus then it was removed along with other evidence from my home by persons unknown. I know I still have another implant on my body due to my continuing contact with ET along with the conversation I had with ET that SETI picked up on but then they changed their story after I notified them I had already published the story before they released their version.
hyundisonata - 2-Aug-12 @ 9:51 PM
I grew up with issues of unexplained nose bleed. memories of unusual dreams of them chasing me at night while I try escape and feel powerless and paralized. dreams that felt more real than usual dreams like a real memory, like it happened. missing time. actual feeling of something moving inside me as though I am pregnant but having had no intercourse as though if I did I d be betraying an undefined autority, I disimiss these physical feelings as extreme gas movements, weeks later dream of a baby shown to me and am told it's mine and then ever since the movements inside have not occured and I feel depressed like I m mourning or something. dream of watching a ufo which was what seemed like a cloud taking form out of the clouds coming down standing still above right in front of me like I expected it.
amIanAbductee - 22-Jul-12 @ 9:49 PM
well, i dont know if im crazy but i just learned that ufo's have been active last couple of days. last night i woke up and there was an alarm going on, i was transported immediately back to my room but i felt like it was only an injection of something that made me see my room. in the central spot of my vision the big window was rapidly closing and in these nano seconds i managed to see a lab and an alien. they are apparently not green... at least not what i've seen. i was urged to forget and we made a deal after which i fell in a darkness and i do not remember the dream. I woke up with a feel of having something etched on my left shoulder and couple of times today i felt like fainting, something i never did in my life. dont know if im crazy or not, im not sure i want the surgery since i think they made all analysis they wanted. they were examining my skin receptors. had to share with people in order to learn if there are others with similar experience
dont know from where - 4-Jul-12 @ 7:07 PM
Iam from a small village called bonnybridge in scotland I dont know where to start ive got stuff in side me I know its nano technoligy and iam sure I have other stuff inside me ive got a lot because what ever is happening they sayed iam a adapter who can change I dont know were iam from but I walked up on to the moorland out side my village and there was about 50 to 100 ufos above me its hard to believe but even I cant believe it.i dont know what a adapter is but what ever is in side me is scared of me and they trying to stop me from changing or some thing ufos have been visiting my village for a few year now.is it because of me I dont know but who ever I iam scares the greys and other races out there I know how ufos fly nano techonolgy and other dimensons but I cant reliese it.they know iam a adapter what ever that is I can change but the stuff inside me is blocking me some how.bonnybridge in scotland is about to get a lot more sightings of ufos now becuase iam sure they dont want me of this planet or they dont want me to change or something.i need x-rayed right to the core of my insides.i cant believe iam writing this but I need to find out who iam are what iam are and why this stuff or things are inside me
adapter - 13-May-12 @ 3:52 PM
I have been abducted since childhood by various alien entities. I remember excruchiating pain in my right thigh, nose bleeds for no reason, missing time. I can even remember some partial interactions. Had an incident at work, a book I took out of the library about abduction, I admitted to having been an abductee and one of their on going experiments. I should have kept my mouth shut! Now I am labeled crazy, insane if you will. Of course I figured make a clean breast of it and, silly me. My belief in God, things I experienced in my childhood. A whole panorama of paranormal experiences. I experienced visions through the grace of God and viola I am labeled and shunned. It's funny, the aliens are kinder to me than human beings.
sue - 3-May-12 @ 6:53 AM
This would be for Mr. Leirs. Or other extraction teams around. I am a scrub/css/cms tech-i still have top secrect securty clearence and I c Can ussally be found near Palm Springs CA or Fayetteville NC. If ya'll ever need a quick hand, fast replacement or just a Quiet mouth....look me up -- i'll be glad to help out if its ever needed. Later Redd
Redd - 25-Apr-12 @ 1:50 PM
I have had direct experience, typically a right brained person with RH negative blood. Please tell me more about what happens when implants are taken from a back of someones head or if this has been tried. Strong possibility that implants are physically and electronically interfacing with the brain making safe removal impossible, and not even desirable.
Spock - 11-Apr-12 @ 12:30 PM
Above both Achilles are still soar. I'm starting to think it's some kind of inoculations -I HATE needles so much that if they wanna keep doing this to me then it's best that I don't know what goes on with this. I call them my implants or tags but only have brought this up here, I would never tell anyone that I know! My boyfriend had something done to his hand that was similar -it has healed. I'm taking iodine and all my vitamins and I feel great other than the things being done above my ankles from the back side.
jetreschau1 - 19-Jan-12 @ 1:11 AM
I don't know what the hell happened.But in my right leg down @ my ankle it feels like a big long 4-5" needle was stuck into my ankle areaparallel to my leg and now I have swelling about 1 1/2" below my skin.Feels like an implant?
jetreschau1 - 24-Dec-11 @ 9:46 PM
I seen a show where guys with implants were very thin. I have weighed 128 to 140 for years. I also witnessed several UFO's. The memory was very vivid for about 3 days each time, and seemed like a dream later. Everyone I've told about this now think's I'm crazy. Needless to say, I don't share with too many people anymore. I'm thankful that I'm not the person that has had this experience. I don't feel so crazy anymore.sit
Superdave - 29-Nov-11 @ 5:41 AM
I've noticed about 5 years ago some black stonelike object under my skin just down my wrist bone is.I didn't have it before but it is there now, you can see it is black hard stone like thing, just under my skin. I've had a lot of dreams of ufos and even witnessed couple of times in the US.I live in Uzbekistan and have lived for some time in the US. That's when it appeared and that was when I saw crafts.My 4 months old son also has one in his left thigh, Iwas surprised when my wife told me that my son has the same stone on his leg.What, I don't think that my son was abducted, he is just 4 months old, but I think because I had the implant when I got married, it was also in my genes or DNA and it appeared in my son as well. Don't know what to do.Maybe go through hypnosis.
Shawn - 23-Jul-11 @ 2:31 PM
if one had an implant,where are the normal,spots of location
Dancingsnowflake - 11-Jun-11 @ 10:29 PM
Tracking and protection devices with healing properties, when accepted in the body. Have taken me some time to accustom myself to the increased sensitivity and awareness, that comes with the implant. Interestingly in shamanic cultures, shamans go into altered states and recieves power objects from spirit entities, sometimes implanted or swallowed by the shaman.Thank you, I enjoy this site.Good information.
Nath - 15-May-11 @ 4:57 PM
A while back I was on the campus of Long Beach City College in California. A government agent and a Long Beach Police officer handcuffed me and put me in the back of a Crown Victoria and then took me to Kaiser Permente Hospital. They did an MRI on my head. The MRI technician then told me I have an Implant and asked if I wanted it removed because I could be tracked. I said no, then they dumped me off at an inpatient mental health facility called College Hospital in nearby Cerritos. I have so much to talk about. I have seen an alien craft, a sphere. Things have been going on with me for years.You wouldn't believe. Is there some one you could refer me to to talk to?
Mark - 6-May-11 @ 2:34 AM
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